• Yala is Sri Lanka’s most popular wildlife park. Stay at the yala village hotel an enjoy luxury in the wild. Book your Yala safari to come pick you up from yala village.
    Sri Lanka wildlife, nature and safari hotel – Yala Village, An eco friendly chalet hotel in the Yala wildlife sanctuary
    Sri Lanka Yala
    Situated on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, Yala Village borders the Yala Wildlife Sanctuary and the Sea. Just 10 km from the town of Kirinda, 22 km from Tissa, and in close proximity to the historic town of Kataragama, Yala Village takes the concept of a Nature Resort to novel heights.

    From the Bandaranaike International Airport and on your way southwards to Yala Village, you will pass Sri Lanka's capital, the metropolitan city of Colombo. You will also be enjoying one of the most picturesque drives in Sri Lanka along the endless span of the ocean. Eventually you will reach the historic town of Galle, which some scholars believe to be the Tarshish mentioned in the Old Testament. As you continue further along the south coast you will come across many historic places of interest and breathtaking sceneries. Finally you will complete the long journey to Yala Village, where you can check in to our luxurious chalets, just 3km from the Yala Wildlife Sanctuary.
    Yala Village Sri Lanka Yala Village Sri Lanka Yala Village Sri Lanka Yala Village Sri Lanka
    Distance Chart
    From the airport
     315 Km
    From Colombo
     288 Km
    From Galle
     174 Km
    From Yala National Park
     02 Km
    From Kataragama
     41 Km
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